The Message of the Dean

School of Applied Science was founded in 2005 and started to accept students in 2006 to be employed in the sectors of banking and finance, accounting, insurance and management information.

The aim of the high school is to provide students with the necessary skills in the fields of Banking and Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Management Information, unlike the general education approaches in the field of economics and administrative sciences. Our primary goal is to educate individuals who are capable of competing globally with the mission and vision of universal quality  and who have the competence to work not only in our country but also in every part of the world.

Our school has departments of Banking and Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Risk Management and Management Information Systems, which provide undergraduate education for 4 years. The main aim of high school is to prepare our students for business life as well as theoretical knowledge. For this reason, it is aimed to raise the knowledge level of our students' business life by organizing conferences, seminars, symposiums and career days.

Our students will have opportunites of Farabi, Erasmus at universities both in our country and abroad, also double major and minor opportunities at our university.  Our school will provide internship opportunities with protocols made with local, national and international institutions.

 Prof. Dr.  Aydın KAYABAŞI

                                   Dean of Kütahya Faculty of Applied Science

Last Update Date: 19 February 2020, Wednesday