The volume of e-commerce, which reached 4.2 trillion dollars globally in 2020 and 11 billion dollars in our country, necessitates the need for trained people in this field. The department to be established within our university has the mission of following sectoral developments, analyzing the needs here and providing trained manpower for this purpose. The mission of the Department of Electronic Commerce and Management is to provide graduates with the necessary equipment to meet the needs specific to the field of e-commerce. While the internet's elimination of physical distances and the globalization of markets have increased the intensity of competition, it has made it necessary for businesses to use all their instruments in the most efficient way. In this context, electronic commerce (e-commerce), which is an important instrument in terms of competitive advantage, is rapidly spreading all over the world and is accepted as a new business model by many businesses. E-commerce, which allows all kinds of real buying and selling transactions to be carried out in virtual environments, not only enables transactions to be carried out at high speeds, but also eliminates all kinds of intermediary costs and provides extremely significant cost advantages for businesses.

The services sector is important for our country's economy. The 4-year undergraduate department to be opened within our university in the field of electronic commerce, which has become an important branch of the services sector in recent years, will reduce company costs and contribute positively to the image of our university, in addition to contributing to the country's employment. The Department of Electronic Commerce and Technology Management, which is planned to be opened within our university, will be the first and only one opened in this field in the province and region.

There is no department providing undergraduate education in the field of E-commerce and Technology Management in Kütahya province or even in the Aegean Region. For this reason, the Department of E-Commerce and Technology Management, planned to be opened within Kütahya Dumlupınar University, will be the first and only one opened in this field in the province and region, and the second in our country. In this context, Kütahya Dumlupınar University, which is an important higher education institution in Turkey in terms of both the number of academic staff and students, aims to eliminate the deficiency in this field and to reflect the principles of electronic commerce and technology management brought by our age to the students at an optimal level. The most important reflection of Kütahya Dumlupınar University's difference in the region is the university's corporate identity/history, intense student potential, and character regarding academic/educational/training activities.

The E-commerce and Technology Management Department, planned to be opened within the Kütahya Dumlupınar University, Kütahya Faculty of Applied Sciences, provides entrepreneurship opportunities by allowing students to discover new business models developing on web-based platforms and understand new trends in applications. The E-Commerce and Management Department, which is planned to be opened in order to train qualified personnel who are equipped with the necessary equipment in the field of e-commerce and can meet the needs, will primarily fill the important workforce gap of Kütahya, one of the important provinces of the region, and in a broader context, of our country's companies serving in the field of electronic commerce. and will analyze the needs here by following sectoral developments.

Kütahya Dumlupınar University has a highly developed capacity compared to surrounding regions, both in terms of international student exchange programs and its student satisfaction-oriented approach. The university will also provide an important opportunity for students to gain international experience by making the most of educational opportunities.

Last Update Date: 19 January 2024, Friday