The Message of the Dean

Kütahya Faculty of Applied Sciences was established in 2005 to train expert personnel to be employed in the Banking, Finance, Accounting and Insurance sectors and to conduct academic studies in related and related fields, and started accepting students in 2006.

The aim of our faculty, unlike the general education approaches in the field of Economics and Administrative Sciences, is to provide students who are self-educated in their field, can think creatively and positively, are competent, practical, up-to-date, who are needed at the operational level in the fields of Finance and Banking, Accounting and Financial Management and Insurance and Risk Management, which are supportive of the real sector. and to raise qualified individuals who have the speed and strength to keep up with change. Our primary goal is to raise solution-oriented, highly competitive individuals who can compete globally with the universal mission and vision we will follow, who have the competence to work not only in our country but all over the world.

Our faculty includes the departments of Finance and Banking, Accounting and Financial Management and Insurance and Risk Management, which provide 4-year undergraduate education. The main aim of our faculty is to prepare our students for business life as well as theoretical knowledge. For this reason, the content and operation of our courses are based on an application-oriented training program and we aim to increase the level of knowledge of our students about business life by organizing conferences, seminars, symposiums and career days in cooperation with leading representatives of the relevant sectors.

Our students who are accepted to our faculty will have the opportunity to get to know different academic environments both at home and abroad with the Farabi and Erasmus programs, and will have the opportunity to study in a second field with double major and minor branch opportunities within our own university. Our Faculty, which sets out with the idea that contemporary education will gain efficiency by combining theory and practice, will provide internship opportunities through protocols signed with local, national and international institutions.

 Prof. Dr.  Emin ZEYTİNOĞLU

                                   Dean of Kütahya Faculty of Applied Science

Last Update Date: 19 January 2024, Friday