The need to transfer the financial events occurring in the enterprises with the reliable and correct information and the fulfillment of the public disclosure function increases the importance given to accounting. However, in our country, accounting education is given only at theoretical level and in practice (especially in terms of laws and related regulations) in the departments of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in faculties and in two-year accounting programs in vocational high school level. . However, the sector needs staff who are specialized in certain areas, who can think analytically, and who are aware that accounting is a basic business function, rather than simple bookkeeping knowledge.

The aim of this program is to provide students who want to pursue a career in the accounting profession in the fields of consultancy, auditing and cost accounting with the necessary infrastructure on both theoretical and practical basis. The students of the accounting department have the obligation to do the 4th and 6th semesters in the following summer months such as, SUMMER INTERNSHIP arı (accounting companies, audit firms, accounting departments of production, trade and service companies). Thus, the adaptation shortage of students after graduation will be exceeded.

The public and academic rights of our students who have completed four years of education will be equivalent to the graduates of the faculty. They will also have the right to undertake a postgraduate education in similar programs or in similar programs.

Students who graduate from the department of accounting will have advantages in getting some certificates of importance for working in international enterprises. The Management Accountancy Certificate (CMA), like the internal audit certificate (CIA).

Graduates of the department may work as accountants, financial advisers, cost accountants, auditor candidates in accounting departments of all public and private sector institutions (which is the main aim). The range of employment will be quite wide as it will have the right to participate in all public and private exams that students can enter (click to see YÖK on Equivalence).

Intensive theoretical based education at our universities causes these organizations to re-employ the personnel they employ. This situation causes time and cost for the organizations and also wastes the resources of the country. The aim of this school is to create a natural demand by minimizing the cost of training to the trained staff. Students who will graduate from the program will be able to work as accountant / financial advisor / cost accountant / auditor candidate in accounting departments of all sectors independently or without any shortage of training.

In this direction, the purpose of the Accounting Department;

Can adapt quickly and easily to business life and changing conditions of today,
Equipped with necessary information infrastructure on both theoretical and practical basis in the fields of consultancy, audit and cost accounting,
With the training it has received, it is advantageous to obtain the necessary licenses and certificates to work at national and international level,
Current professional knowledge of seminars, courses and conferences, which are given as often as possible by experts,
Public and academic rights have been made equivalent to the graduates of the faculty,
To be able to advise in accordance with the needs of the 21st century, by evaluating their knowledge and experiences in cooperation with the relevant private and public institutions,
Although the language of instruction is Turkish, at least one foreign language knows that graduates can maintain their business relations with abroad and that current sources can be followed because of the international qualification of accounting.
Evaluate the events from a holistic perspective,
To produce solutions to problems, socially responsible and environmentally conscious,
Will follow the current developments, will guide the future,
The aim of this course is to educate professional people who have sufficient professional qualification, practical experience in accounting and finance, who will work in national and international level, public and private sector enterprises.

Turkey in this area, as the first part of the service offering education at the undergraduate level, always keeping above the bar,
Not only the scientific programs, but also the social and ethical values, sharing the common values ​​of humanity, analytical thinking and the education-training programs that strengthen the students' own skills and motivations,
Students are well informed about the scientific and technological developments and reflecting on the profession.

It aims to be a department that considers scientific and technological developments reflecting on the profession, based on coming to the best places in the profession, educating them as well-informed and good individuals and preparing them in a wide range of life.
Program Qualifications;

To understand, explain and use the basic concepts of accounting,
To be able to apply knowledge and skills of business administration to accounting field,
Providing easy adaptation to business life with accounting and finance subjects required by public and private sector business life, both theoretical and practical,
To be able to follow current developments in contemporary methods and technologies, especially in information technologies, to be able to use them effectively and to be able to renew themselves continuously,
Gaining the ability to monitor both theoretical and practical change and development in accounting at local, national, international and global dimensions.
To be aware of the social and universal impacts of accounting problems and phenomena, to be able to look at them from various perspectives, to produce solution proposals, to be able to prepare program and decision drafts,
Ability to work effectively in individual and multi-disciplinary teams, taking responsibility and representing confidence,
Gaining entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial, lifelong learning behavior compatible with team work, analytical thinking, open to innovation and change.
To understand the social transformation of professional, legal, social and ethical responsibilities of accounting practices,
Quality consciousness, quality work, making and finalizing,
To use accounting information in strategic, tactical and operational dimensions and to analyze and design this information at organizational level,
To be able to express himself / herself and to represent his / her institution and to use the foreign language correctly and in written and verbal communication in accordance with the rules.

Last Update Date: 24 September 2018, Monday