The fields of activity of banks and financial institutions are constantly expanding and their importance increases in business life and in daily life as a result of the developments in information and technology. The aim of the Banking and Finance Department within the School of Applied Sciences is to educate students in line with the increasing demands of the sector and to create satisfactory and reputable employment opportunities in the global business world.

In the Banking and Finance Department; theoretical training in mathematics, statistics, law, computer, accounting, money-bank-credit, business finance, computerized finance analysis, investment project appraisal, international financing and risk management, financial instruments and institutions, and with the participation of academicians from other universities when required. academic staff. Training for market applications is completed by obtaining support from professionals in the sector. European Union politics and economics of the content of the courses, para-bank-credit union and take part in accounting standards, students in Turkey, and to deliver a level of knowledge to respond to the demands of the European Union market.

In order to educate individuals who are capable of meeting the current and future needs of the business world and who are not birey know İş, değil productive "individuals can transfer their knowledge to practice. Thus, in addition to professional equipment, students who are able to use English, which is the most valid foreign language in the world, are trained. Our students, who use foreign language effectively, have an advanced level of knowledge in order to make translations between related languages, prepare market, company and bank evaluations and reports, analyze the manuscripts and reports and conduct correspondence in business environment according to the demands of business world in domestic and foreign markets.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge acquired by the students, graduating with professional experience and skills will provide them with many benefits in their business lives. In this respect, the 4th and 6th semesters of the students were followed by the public or private sector organizations in the following summer months (BRSA, CMB, CBRT, Borsa İstanbul A.Ş., VOB, Public Banks and Private Banks, Securities Brokers, Factoring-Forfaiting and Leasing. companies, Public and Private Sector (Joint Stock Companies) Finance departments have the obligation to do their Internship I. and II. Thus, students' adaptation shortage after graduation will be overcome.

In order for students to gain experience and to increase their knowledge and skills, conferences and seminars will be greatly contributed by professionals, experts and bankers to be invited to our school. With the conferences and seminars to be held on these subjects, students will have the opportunity to learn from the experts the place they have learned in practice.

The public and academic rights of our students who have completed four years of education will be equivalent to the graduates of the faculty. They will also have the right to undertake a postgraduate education in similar programs or in similar programs.

Graduates of the department, the Ministry of Finance, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Court of Accounts, BBDK, CMB, financial coordinator of public and private banks and other public institutions, factoring, forfaiting, leasing companies, insurance companies, consultancy companies, financial intermediaries of securities intermediary institutions and private sector enterprises. can work as a head of department, financial reporting specialist, budget and financial planning specialist, financial analyst, portfolio manager, member of the board of inspectors, as an account specialist, and as an independent accountant, financial consultant and certified public accountant.

Students who will graduate from the department; will be employed in banks and private finance institutions, insurance companies, securities intermediary institutions, money and capital markets institutions, audit firms, consulting firms, leasing and factoring institutions. Intensive theoretical based education at our universities causes these organizations to re-employ the personnel they employ. This leads to time and cost for these organizations, while wasting the resources of the country. The aim of this school is to create a natural demand by minimizing the cost of training to the trained staff.

In this respect, the purpose of the Banking and Finance Department is;

Can adapt quickly and easily to business life and changing conditions of today,
Equipped with the necessary knowledge infrastructure on both theoretical and practical basis in the fields of banking, financial consultancy, financial intermediation, investment project management and finance management,
With the training it has taken, it is advantageous to obtain the licenses and certificates required to work at national and international level,
Frequency as much as possible by experts in finance

Last Update Date: 24 September 2018, Monday